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Emma Louise Smith - Social Boss

Are you looking for a social media manager to take the stress out of social media marketing for your business?

Or perhaps you want to start using social media to sky rocket your business, but don’t know where to start!

You’ve come to the right place!

Working with brands I believe in and am passionate about is a top priority, and I have gotten to serve small businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

My focus is on organic and paid digital marketing services, with a focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. I can also design and develop full scale digital marketing strategies that encompass email marketing, digital funnels and more.

I pride myself on fully understanding a brand’s goals, mission, and passion in order to use my marketing talents to craft a message and spread it on social media platforms.

How can we work together?

I can be your social media manager

If the every day slog of keeping your business social media pages up to date is getting on top of you, then I can help.

By removing the stress of your social media management, you can get back to focusing on your business and rest assured that when someone searches your business online, you will have something fantastic to show for it.

Social media management includes anything from optimising your social media pages, to posting content and managing engagement and interaction. I work across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

I can build your social media strategy

If it’s time to start using your social media to scale your business, bring you new customers and make some more money, then I’ve got you!

I will build you a bespoke social media strategy that utilises the platforms that are right for your business and objectives. Your pages will no longer be a message board for your social media posts, and will start making a difference!

Social media marketing and strategy includes everything from basic channel management, to paid digital advertising, community engagement, and so much more. Whatever it takes to achieve your objective, I know how to get there.

We can skyrocket your business together

With my digital marketing experience and talents, and your passion for your business, we can be the team that skyrockets your business.

So many entrepreneurs and businesses take on the management of their social media marketing themselves, without realising the difference a qualified and experience professional can bring to the table.

It’s time to take the stress out of social media marketing and you can sit back and watch your social channels start bringing you the ROAS that your business truly deserves. Make that change today by filling out the form below.

What my clients say...

Emma really helped me get my social media and website up and running and thanks to her help, I’m now getting several appointments booked through my Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. I’d definitely recommend!
Antonella Saracino
Business Owner
Emma really understands our business and our objectives. We have lots of stakeholders to please and Emma always guides us in the direction of fantastic results. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to help us with our digital marketing.
Claire Lewin
Group Marketing Manager
I have been really impressed with the results from social media thanks to Emma’s hard work and knowledge. We’re so pleased to have seen such growth on all of our channels, and 157% increase in social referrals to our website is fantastic.
Patrick Lawson
Business Owner

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