How to up your Twitter marketing game with visuals

How to up your Twitter marketing game with visuals

There is no avoiding visual marketing anymore. Instagram relies solely on visual content and is rapidly growing. It can be used across all platforms and Twitter marketing is no exception.

Tweets that use awesome visuals almost always tend to get more retweets and favourites, so it’s time to get those graphics in shape and get tweeting!

Visuals can be defined as anything from images to videos, or even GIFs!

Get the right image size

There is a ratio of 2:1 for images on Twitter. This means that your image should be twice as wide as it is tall.

For example, if your image is 600 pixels wide, it needs to be 300 pixels tall.

Ignoring this rule may mean that your images don’t display properly in your tweets. You could end up with parts of the visual being cut off, or off centre and a dodgy display won’t do your tweet any favours.

Stick to the 2:1 ratio for perfect image display every time.

Be original

Original images ALWAYS stand out in comparison to stock images. Unless you’ve stumbled upon something super rare or brand spanking new, it’s likely people have seen those stock images before.

Once they start seeing something too many times, they run the risk of becoming numb to it, or worse, they will associate your tweet with the other brand they’ve seen sharing that image.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use stock images. As long as the image permissions allow, you can always play around with different crops, filters and adding text in different ways to try and add some individuality, but for best results, original will make the biggest impact.

Quotes & memes

Everybody loves a good quote, and we all know how much traction some memes can get, so these should definitely be included in your Twitter marketing plan.

As long as they are still relevant and in keeping with your brand image, then there is no reason you shouldn’t be joining in too.

The key to getting engagement with quotes and memes is to make sure they are relatable. The smaller the audience that could relate, the less interaction you will get.

It doesn’t all have to be a numbers game though. If your business targets a small niche audience and you post something that is relatable to them – you’re more likely to gain valuable interactions from people who matter to your business.


Twitter is THE best platform for GIFs. No question.

They are so much fun and can add personality to tweets and they definitely catch attention.

Consistent Twitter Marketing

This rule applies to all aspects of social media marketing, but also to visuals in Twitter marketing.

You shouldn’t expect to see a mass improvement in your stats by posting just one visual. Visuals should be incorporated into your overall twitter marketing strategy for maximum effect.

They aren’t one off gimmicks – they can be really powerful and they aren’t going away.

How to up your Twitter Marketing Game with Visuals

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