9 photo ideas for Instagram for when you have nothing to post

9 photo ideas for Instagram for when you have nothing to post

Hands up if you regularly have nothing to post on Instagram. Yeah, I know, me too! Creating content for Instagram can be tough, especially if creating visual content doesn’t necessarily come naturally to you or if you’re already busy elsewhere.

But don’t fret. Take a look at these 9 photo ideas for some Instagram inspiration. And if you’re still stuck you can download my FREE Instagram post templates!

A day in the life of…

Instagram is a great place to get personal and introduce your audience to the people behind the profile/brand. Just stop what you are doing at one point in your day and snap a picture of what you’re doing, where you are or who you are with. Use the caption to give people the back story and add some more personality to your feed.

Your work/office space

Similar to the ‘day in the life of’ shot, show us where you are working or the space that gives you the most motivation or inspiration to get stuff done!

Just make sure you give your desk a tidy first!


An arty snap of some food always goes down a treat on Instagram. If you’ve stopped somewhere that serves Instagrammable dishes or is just photogenic, then snap and post! (BONUS TIP: Tag the café/restaurant in the location and the image itself for some added exposure).

A cool location shot

Ever found yourself looking around and thinking ‘Wow! This place is awesome’? Capture that place in a photo and share it with your Instagram followers! Make sure you add the location to the post!

A Throwback

Scroll back through your photos and see if you can find something in the archives that is worth a share. It could be an event you attended in the past, an achievement, something cool you did, or something that just looks good! For bonus points, post on a Thursday and use the hashtags #tbt and #ThrowbackThursday

A Boomerang

Boomerang videos can make almost anything look cool or hilarious. Either way, it’s going to go down well on Instagram. Film anything from pouring a coffee, to walking your dog or heading to a meeting and watch it play on an infinite loop!


Stop right where you are, look down and take a snap of where you are standing. It’s a different perspective and you can show off your shoes (or slippers usually, in my case!)

A flatlay

Flatlays are aesthetically pleasing and really easy to shoot. Make something the focus and complement with other items such as flowers, jewellery etc to fill some white space and shoot from above.

A selfie

If all else fails, a trusty selfie is always a great idea so wear your best smile or experiment with funny filters.

Still stuck for something to post? You can download my FREE Instagram post templates!

9 photo ideas for Instagram

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