6 ways to improve your LinkedIn company page

6 ways to improve your LinkedIn company page

When you start to consider implementing social media marketing, most people automatically immediately think about Facebook and Instagram. For a lot of B2B businesses, these networks don’t appear to have many obvious opportunities, and that’s when these businesses go off the idea. However, the LinkedIn company page offer fantastic opportunities for businesses and is often overlooked.

Here are 5 ways to improve your LinkedIn company page to give your business the best chance of thriving organically on the platform.

Keep your branding consistent

When people searcg for a brand online, they their way through the web of social channels, landing pages and websites. A surefire way to confuse them or cause premature drop offs, is to have inconsistent branding.

Your LinkedIn page should reflect the branding of any other social profile and your website. You should use similar imagery and logos, fonts and writing styles across the board will make it easier for people to transition between them.

Promote specific URLs

You should have your company’s main website as the link in your LinkedIn company page bio for the majority of the time. However, you can also utilise this space to promote specific landing pages or links. For example, if you have a new product or service launch, or a special offer, you could put the landing page link in this space to encourage more click throughs.

Speak to your audience

The company description will help influence someone’s first impression of your business. Use this space to capture people’s attention immediately.

A lot of companies will just copy and paste the company bio from their website. This is fine, as you will obviously have spent time to craft this perfectly. However, it doesn’t hurt to amp this up a little bit for your LinkedIn company page.

Think about the kind of people who may visit your LinkedIn page, and more importantly, which of these people are likely to be interested in your products or services. How can you tailor this bio to speak directly to them?

You could include references to relatable pain points for them and link these to ways in which your company can help.

Add keywords for better visibility

Within the Specialties section of your LinkedIn company page, you have the opportunity to add some keywords. These keywords can highlight what your business is good at, but they will also help improve the searchability of your page.

Utilise showcase pages

Showcase pages are like subpages of your main company page. You can use them to highlight reurring events, create a customer service hub and so much more.

Take note that if you want to utilise showase pages, they will require their own original content and will need to build their own individual audiences.

Stay active

Much like other social platforms, there is a lot of competition for attention in the LinkedIn feed. Making sure your company page is regularly updated with engaging and original content that people want to interact with will improve your chances of being seen.

This can be time consuming, but dedicating a portion of time to updating your LinkedIn company page and building an audience here could provide valuable opportunities for your business in the future. Not got time for this? Consider hiring a social media manager. I am currently accepting new LinkedIn clients, so let’s see if we can work together!

6 ways to improve your company linkedin page

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